How to choose the magnifying glass lamp?

For aesthetic treatments that require particular attention and precision, such as manicures or facial cleansing, a lamp with a magnifying glass is what is needed to better carry out all procedures.

You can find different models and types:

  • Lamps with Table lens, with or without sensor
  • Lamps with 5 diopters lens
  • Lamp with traditional or led bulbs
  • 5D lens lamp with clamp

Features lamp with magnifying glass

Whichever type of magnifying lamp with a glass you choose, it will be very useful.

Anyone who is a beautician knows that current customers are increasingly demanding and attentive to every detail, for this reason it is essential to be as precise as possible and magnifying lamps are what you need for this to happen.

The result of an aesthetic treatment, moreover, is essential to expand and retain customers, so it is important to have all the disposable items for the beauty center and the most suitable and functional equipment for aesthetics available.

The most important characteristics of a work lamp for beauticians with magnifying glass are many and depend on the type of treatment to be carried out.

Among the most important features:

  • Magnifying Light source: LED lighting (guarantees high energy efficiency) and number of LEDs.
  • Lighting color: white or cool white.
  • Number of diopters: where diopters refer to the curvature of the lens. Most simple magnifiers have a magnifying glass ranging from 8 to 5 diopters.
  • Ignition mode: with sensor or without sensor.
  • Type of socket and power supply: USB or electric cable.
  • Type of support: lamp with table clamp or with stand.

Lamp models with magnifying glass

A lamp for professional beauticians is not an optional, but an indispensable accessory that cannot be missing in a studio or beauty center.

And being widely used, it should be as light as possible, not bulky and functional to the use for which it is intended.

Among the lamp models with magnifying glass available:

  1. LED table light with clamp and sensor:  to be used in aesthetic treatments that require a higher level of precision (for example nail art). It can be easily attached to the massage table or manicure table but being quite delicate, this item has to be fixed well to avoid accidental falls. Our lens lamp also features neon light and a clamp to ensure convenient attachment to the table.
  2. Di Wood lamp with ultraviolet magnifying glass. It is mainly used to observe skin conditions such as: thick epidermis, dead cells, lack of water, dark spots, fat parts and blackheads.
  3. Stylus led table lamp: with cold light similar to daylight and for this reason it can also be used as a reading lamp as well as for precision work.

Types and characteristics of the lamp with lens

The lamps with magnifying glass can be of different models and types, you can find them of all kinds and shapes.

The various lamps are then distinguished on the basis of the power expressed in Watts and the color of the light, which can be hot or cold.

Each lamp with lens has a specific size, as can be deduced from the information on the dimensions contained in the product sheets.

All the lamps are equipped with adjustable arms, but in some it is also possible to rotate the end part by 360 °; while other models only allow you to move the light away and closer.

The lamps are also distinguished by the type of use, such as neck lamp, portable USB led lamp or portable USB led cli lamp, portable clip and lamp, with 8 diopters magnifier and table magnifier lamp.

In addition to lamps with neon light, you will also find led lamps. The LEDs, with the same lighting, reduce consumption by optimizing the use of resources in the shop and at home.

For those who also need to magnify the area on which they are performing the treatment, some models include an adjustable and illuminated magnifying glass.

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