NetBase Quid Competitive Intelligence Tools for Decision Making

NetBase Quid is the only complete competitive intelligence solution that leverages the latest social and digital technologies to deliver unparalleled insight into your customers, competitors, and markets. This platform combines patented technology with flexible data sources to provide a unique perspective of your customers, competitors, and market opportunities.

Whether you need to understand customer sentiment or competitor strategy better, NetBase Quid delivers insights that can be used for decision-making in any business. NetBase Quid can be especially useful for large corporations who are in a variety of different industries. This article discusses various competitive intelligence tools being used by leading companies to make better business decisions, how to choose a competitive intelligence tool to suit a business’s unique needs, and how to use these tools to get an advantage over the competition.

1. WhatRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere helps you identify new revenue streams, target audiences, and innovative marketing strategies through real-time tracking across social media sites and apps. You can then develop custom campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager API, enabling you to create targeted Facebook ads or even build completely automated retargeting programs within minutes. The system also includes advanced analytics features such as heat mapping and user behavior analysis – ideal for generating high-quality leads from your existing audience.

By integrating WhatRunsWhere with other enterprise software platforms such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and JIRA, you can track customer satisfaction while providing exceptional service. For example, if your company provides a product or service to businesses, you can integrate it with your CRM to keep tabs on what they say about you online. Using this tool gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to respond quickly to any potential issues raised until now.

2. InsightExpress

InsightExpress is a mobile application that provides users with relevant and timely information through its proprietary algorithm and search engine. It allows marketers and salespeople to effectively engage with their consumers (or potential consumers) at opportune moments. InsightExpress will display recent mentions in newspapers, blogs, magazines, and online forums when you enter keywords associated with your company, products, and services.

As you may expect, there are numerous benefits to using this tool. For one thing, since you can do searches without logging into multiple websites or services, it saves valuable time that people tend to spend surfing the web. Secondly, you can access this information via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Another major benefit is that you can search for keywords related to whatever industry you work in, so you’ll always stay current with all things competitive. Thirdly, given its proprietary algorithm, you can rest assured that the information displayed on and through InsightExpress is reliable.

3. Social Mention

Social Mention aggregates content posted on the internet about a specific topic into a single repository of social media activity. Users can search both public and private repositories of tweets, comments, images, videos, and blog posts about specific topics. There are numerous ways in which you can utilize this tool. Firstly, you can conduct keyword research to determine how popular certain terms are.

In addition, this platform can help you keep tabs on competitors by revealing the most talked about topics among bloggers, journalists, and companies. Lastly, you can use Social Mention to determine whether or not anyone has mentioned your brand or website. This feature can be especially useful during times when negative publicity arises. To make sure no mistakes are made, you should only check up on this tool once every couple of days. If you take too long, you might miss something positive that someone else said about you!

4. Tubular Intelligence

This is another important modern competitive intelligence tool. If you’re looking for analytical data that allows you to gain insight into consumer interests and needs, Tubular is what you need. Since this tool uses data provided by over 1,000 sources worldwide, including news articles, reviews, books, blogs, movies, television shows, and events, it’s able to provide accurate predictions to future trends based on data collected.

When looking through past reports generated by Tubular Intelligence, you’ll notice that almost everything you learn relates directly back to business and marketing decisions. This allows you to get answers to questions concerning topics like customer expectations, market preferences, and competition levels, but it also provides insights on how to improve your advertising campaign.

You can analyze any media source through this app, such as print, video, radio, or TV ads. You won’t have to sign up for anything; input keywords relating to your product or service along with a date range. Once you’ve done that, Tubular will give you a complete report regarding what people are talking about right now. With the ability to download free PDF files related to your chosen keyword(s), you can save these materials for later review.

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