The Most Popular Banner Stands: X-Style, Billboard-Style, and Retractable Banner Stands

Banner stands have been used as high-efficiency marketing tools by brands of all sizes for several decades. You can find them at major tradeshows, popular marketing events, inside malls, and inside or outside retail stores. Most modern-day banner stands are reusable. When brand leaders buy these marketing tools, they receive great pieces of sign hardware that are durable and cost-effective.

One of the key challenges faced by marketing teams of today is getting heard above the noise. Modern-day consumers are always inundated with notifications, text alerts, and digital ads – be it while shopping or at promotional events. To get their attention, brand leaders must use high-quality banner stands. Not only that, they must use the right types of banner stands.

Banner stands come in various heights, designs, styles, and types. Currently, the three most popular types of banner stands are –

  • X-style banner stands
  • Billboard-style banner stands
  • Retractable banner stands

These banner stands are sleek, easy to use, easy to transport, and reusable. But, which one will suit your promotional goals better? Which ones will look better inside your store, and which ones will look better at busy tradeshows? More importantly, which of these banner stands is the most cost-effective? Lets’ explore.

X-Style Banner Stands

The X-Style banner stands are popular because they’re easy to use. These banner stands basically feature metal or plastic tubes. These tubes contain springs. These springs accommodate the fixed banner. Within seconds, users can manipulate these springs and set up their banner stands. Each corner of an X-style banner stand (there are in total four corners) comes with grommets. Attach these four corners with the grommets and set up your banner within seconds.

Where to Use: X-style banner stands are designed for indoor use. Their bases aren’t strong enough to hold up to heavy winds.

Billboard-Style Banner Stands

As the name suggests, billboard-style banner stands are quite large. Their dimensions are typically 92 x 32 inches. They’re huge, so brand leaders have plenty of space to custom print sophisticated artwork on these banners. These banners can be double-sided. However, they’re not as portable as retractable or X-style banner stands.

Where to Use: These relatively large banners are typically used outside stores or events. They’re great tools for displaying your brand in crowded locations and events.

Retractable Banners

These stands function like window shades. The base of this banner features a spring-loaded cartridge. Users can basically use these springs to roll up or down their banners any time they want. This spring-like mechanism makes these banners very easy to use. The banners “retract” into their bases – that’s why they’re called retractable banner stands.

Where to Use: This banner stand is the easiest when it comes to assembly. Brand leaders use them everywhere – at tradeshows, inside retail spaces, and at public locations. They also come in various heights and sizes.

Overall, the portability and ease-of-use of retractable banner stands make them the best type of banner stand in the market. Owning these banner stands is a must for all business owners.  

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