Using Heavy Duty Poly Tarps: Know The Benefits  

The plastic tarps are among the most versatile and cost-effective materials to be used for various applications. Whether for the outdoor applications or home, the heavy-duty poly tarps are hard to combat. You will find plenty of uses of the tough poly tarps to protect people from the sun rays, debris and dust.

What makes the poly tarps even more usable is that you can transport them easily from one location to another.

Tips to buy poly tarps:

The poly tarps are available as light-duty and medium-duty applications but when you need to buy heavy-duty applications, considering a few factors is necessary. From the strength to the size and color, you have a wide range of parameters based on which you need to choose.

  • Thickness

The thickness of the heavy-duty poly tarp is one of the aspects to consider before buying and is usually measured in mills. So, the larger it is on terms of mils, the thicker is the tarps. When you need protection from excessive rainwater and storm water during the natural calamities, using a heavy-duty tarp is the right option. For a heavy-duty usage, such as covering of carport, you need to choose a tarp with a higher mil.

  • Lamination of the tarp

The heavy duty poly traps usually have a mesh covering on the top that is laminated between the double layers of the polyethylene films. For the heavy-duty or the super heavy duty tarps, an additional layer of black polyethylene with a lamination at the center provides an added benefits the sun’s rays do not penetrate the tarp.

  • Size

The size of the poly tarp is another major consideration that needs to stay in your mind when buying.  You need to check the description properly and take proper measurements before selecting the tarp.

  • Grommets

Does the heavy-duty tarp have a grommet or a metal ring lining on the edge? What you need to check is the spacing of the grommets and ensures that it is a good buy.

  • Mesh fabric

Checking the mesh fabric specification is also significant as it determines the weight of the thread.

  1. The heavy-duty poly tarp must have undergone chemical treatment when manufacturing the material and prevent degradation.
  2. The poly tarps are free from mildew and rot as the laminated film between the polyethylene layers offer protection from water penetration, especially on the truck beds.
  3. The poly traps are usually not flame-resistant but some of the varieties do have this quality, so you need to check the specifications clearly before buying.
  4. The sun blocking tarps are good for heavy duty usage due to an additional layer of black polyethylene.
  5. You may choose from different colors when buying a heavy-duty tarp.

Choosing the materials:

There is a wide range of heavy-duty traps available. However, you need to know which option to choose.

  • A canvas tarp is good for heavy-duty applications as it resists heavy rain for long periods.
  • The vinyl-coated poly tarps are available in various colors and offer the benefits of a heavy-duty tarp.
  • The iron horse tarp doubles the resistance of a canvas tarp.

These are some of the options and the parameters you need to consider when buying a heavy-duty tarp but the final decision is based on the specific requirements.

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