Dangers of Ambien You Did Not Know: Hawaii Drug Rehab Center

Doctors admit that ambien can produce side effects even when used as prescribed. So, you can imagine what it can do when misused or abused. It not only becomes addictive but also dangerous. 

Hawaii drug rehab center is apt in dealing with ambien addicts. Rehab specialists believe that you must not delay in seeking treatment when you realize you have become dependent on a prescribed drug. Do not continue to use it just because it makes you feel better or because you cannot do without it now. With a supervised program, you can go off the drug safely.

Sleepwalking with ambien

One of the most dangerous things about ambien is that it can make you sleepwalk!

And it does not end here. You don’t just walk.

It is found that people under the influence of high doses of ambien conduct various activities while sleepwalking. They may cook food, eat food, talk on the phone, have sex, and even drive while sleeping!

They wake up the next morning with zero memory of whatever they did last night.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes the possibility of sleepwalking and doing activities while asleep in the prescription information and warnings related to the drug.

Such influence of ambien can be dangerous not only for the person under the influence but also for people around. Imagine somebody driving a car while asleep!

Please do not take ambien influence lightly. If you or somebody around you has this problem, then you must take help. Call the drug addiction hotline or visit a rehab center in person.

Brain impairment

Ambien’s side effects are not limited to sleepwalking. It can affect the brain’s functions too.

As per a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), zolpidem can lead to decreased brain functions in a person for 1-8 hours of influence. This can lead to decreased coordination, reduced muscle control, slow reaction ability, disorientation, dizziness, difficulty in concentration, poor memory, and other cognitive disorders.

People under influence also report double vision, time distortions, and nausea. Many people stay impaired in their cognitive abilities even the next day.

Studies have found that women tend to metabolize ambien slower than men. So, FDA recommends doctors prescribe very low doses of ambien to female patients.

If you think you have ‘crossed the line’ and become addicted to ambien, you must not delay in seeking withdrawal treatment. The more you continue to take ambien, the more you invite health troubles. Search for “drug rehab near me” and enroll in a suitable rehab program for safe withdrawal.

Lethal combo

Yet another danger lurking around ambien users is their temptation to combine it with other drugs. It can be potentially fatal. Combining ambien with another mind-altering substance can produce an intensely adverse reaction to the brain and the body as a whole. It could lead to a medical emergency. It also makesambien treatment tougher.

Ambien is a prescription drug. Use it. Do not abuse it. Most importantly, do not combine its use with other substance use.

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