Top 12 Natural Treatments For Preventing Cluster Headaches

Cluster headache is one of the painful things for human-being and if you people are one of those who have been suffering from this for so long, then don’t worry. You will get to know about so many things in this blog. Cluster headaches contain intense and sharp pain around one eye of one side of the head. This type of headache is not a migraine one. The only difference is it occurs in patterns and arises in cluster periods. Pain can be intense, cluster headaches are rare, and symptoms can be reduced to some extent. Have a look

1.     Magnesium Intake

People who suffer from cluster headaches have low blood levels of magnesium so increase the intake of magnesium. Intravenous magnesium injection relieves a cluster headache, and its deficiency affects health. If you want to relieve cluster headaches and reduce attacks, take 400 mgs of magnesium three times a day. Ask your doctor about its supplements and they would suggest the best diet intake to get the magnesium. Otherwise, magnesium-rich foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, avocados and bananas are helpful.

2.     Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 decreases cluster headache frequency, and it’s an essential vitamin to be used as an antioxidant. It maintains the blood cells and boosts energy levels. B2 deficiency can result in nerve damage and inflammation. These two conditions would increase the severity of headache, so take supplements of Vitamin B2 capsules per day to reduce its symptoms.

3.     Melatonin

This is a therapy in patients used to relieve headaches. If melatonin levels are decreased, then it triggers headaches in patients. Lack of melatonin in patients needs to be treated. It can rapidly increase cluster attacks. Melatonin may be used before cluster periods to see the results.

4.     Go to Fresh air

People with cluster headaches experience need to go to fresh air for deep breathing. We know the schedules are tough for everyone, but take some time and give yourself a break. Mostly these headaches get better in the fresh air. Don’t forget to try this out.

5.     Exercise

Daily exercise can reduce stress and boost blood circulation. Attend a yoga class or practice interval training to relieve headache symptoms. A workout routine would add so many benefits to headaches. Start with the light intensity exercise and then go for the intense one. You can go on a long hike. Search it over the internet about a list of exercises and make yourself used to this.

6.     Sleep on Time

It’s essential for people who experience cluster headaches to have a regular sleep schedule. Cluster period disrupts the sleeping routine, and you should sleep at least 7-8 hours. With headaches, you will experience changes, so stick to the regular sleep schedule. Opt for the normal routine of sleep to stay consistent. It doesn’t matter how busy you are; focus on a sleeping routine.

7.     Use Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint oil is best to relieve headaches to boost energy, release tight muscles, and improve mental health. During a cluster headache attack, we recommend you apply two to three drops of peppermint oil to the temples and back neck and bottoms of the feet.

8.     Consume Ginger Tea

Ginger has therapeutic benefits, which act as a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger tea reduces pain by acting on receptors and relieving nausea. Intense cluster headache attacks can be reduced with ginger tea one to two times daily to relieve symptoms of cluster headaches. you won’t be feeling dizzy when waking up so consume it to see the positive effects.

9.     Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drug intake can increase cluster headache attacks and make the pain even worse. People who have been suffering from cluster headaches for so long should avoid alcohol and drugs because both would trigger different health complications. If you are into opioid, cocaine and other drug abuse, then you should eliminate this from your life to avoid severe headaches. Many rehab centers offer treatment programs to prevent withdrawal symptoms in people to recover from different disorders. Subutex treatment is given in an addiction recovery plan which combines medications and behavioral therapy to treat substance use disorders.

10. Kudzu Extract

This is a botanical supplement from the kudzu vine and would help with cluster headaches. These supplements are ideal for cluster headaches and decrease the intensity or frequency of attack to determine the efficacy of kudzu extract.

11. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is harmful to the overall health, and it increases cluster headaches. Quit smoking because it will make the headaches worse. Smoking disrupts the overall function and affects the sleeping routine, so you need to leave the smoking. It will help to improve the body sleep pattern and nerve responses. Although it’s difficult, you can do it gradually. Just consult with a doctor on this, and they would recommend you the best strategy for this.

12. Capsaicin Cream

Topical capsaicin cream is used to manage cluster headaches. It can be applied to the inside of the nose with the help of a cotton swab. It’s super easy to access but has some side effects that have affected the effectiveness of other treatments. This cream has significant results to reduce cluster headaches.

Cause for Cluster Headaches

The researcher will explain the causes of cluster headaches, and everyone should know multiple things. Cluster headaches contain reflex pathways which control the pain in the face and behind the eyes. Cluster headaches cause:

  • Numbness
  • Intense pain
  • Throbbing
  • Tingling

These are the natural treatments for preventing cluster headaches. If you were not aware of this before, get a consultation from a doctor because they would recommend you the best strategies. We have also mentioned some exercises which are effective for reducing headache attacks, and it keeps the bloodstream calm in your body for managing pain. Breathing exercises help to utilize them in conjunction with medications during an attack.

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